Pet Grooming Services

There are so many ways in which your pet can benefit from St. Bernard’s pet grooming services in Warr Acres. From bathing your pet to brushing and cutting their fur to prevent matting, we’ll take the necessary steps to ensure your pet is happy and healthy.

Our highly skilled groomers will ensure that your pet is pampered and comfortable during their visit and will be able to handle jobs like clipping your pet’s nails and cleaning its ears to prevent infections. We offer cat and dog grooming services that you can trust.

When you bring your furry friend in for grooming, you must make sure that they’re the right groomer for you. A reliable groomer should have plenty of experience working with a variety of pets. They should also have access to clean grooming tools, a well-lit grooming facility, and spacious boarding options to keep your pet comfortable at all times. St. Bernard’s Grooming is proud to say that we check all these boxes and have exactly what your pet needs.

When you bring your pet to St. Bernard’s Grooming for dog grooming services or cat grooming services in Warr Acres, we’ll speak with you about your pet’s individual needs. Our goal is always to satisfy both pets and pet owners with the dog and cat grooming services we offer, so as your pet is being pampered, you can rest assured that they’re in good hands.

For more information on our pet grooming services in Warr Acres, reach out to St. Bernard’s Grooming at 405-789-3645 today.