Pet Boarding Services

At St. Bernard’s Grooming, we understand that leaving your dog or cat at a boarding facility can be hard for both you and your pet. You’ll both be feeling a little bit anxious when you drop your pet off, even if it’s only going to be staying for a day or two. We strive to deliver the best possible pet boarding services in Warr Acres to our customers and their pets and know you’ll be satisfied with how we care for your pet in your absence. Our goal with our dog and cat boarding services is to make them feel just like they’re at home.

A high-quality pet boarding facility should provide your pet with a comfortable environment to stay in and the staff should be highly attentive and prepared for anything. With our cat and dog boarding services in Warr Acres, St. Bernard’s Grooming strives to excel in these areas. We work hard to provide you with dog and cat boarding that is truly second to none and at an excellent rate.

Prior to bringing your pet to St. Bernard’s Grooming for dog and cat boarding, please let us know if there are any specific health issues we’ll need to be aware of when you utilize our pet boarding services in Warr Acres. Our care is personalized to each animal and our goal is to take care of your pet the same as you would. This will ensure your pet has a great overall experience during their stay with us.

Give St. Bernard’s Grooming a call at 405-789-3645 today to learn more about dog and cat boarding at our facility.